Guest artist - Space "A certain look"

Noëlle DE GRANDSAIGNE - "L'histoire de Monsieur de"

Her father is a graphic designer and her mother is a pianist, so she has been immersed into an artistic universe.

​After a few years in Belgium, she went to Paris in a cinema, fashion and theater make-up school. Backstage, for 5 years, she has expressed her skill working with different theatre companies.

1989, she flew to Barcelone were she worked pour cinema and advertising. In 2001, she left the actors and models to change her career and work on decoration set. She became a prop woman and a model maker for advertising.

She has always loved drawing, sculpting, creating. The “very small” world has always passionate her. In the early 2000, she starts creating artistic personal boxes, inspired by American film noir and their crime stories, their light and kind of romanticism.

She’s influenced by movie directors like Coen brothers, David Lynch, Scorcese, Jarmusch, etc. The setting atmosphere, such as the corridors, the staircases, the hotels, gives her scenarios and feelings she tries to translate into her creations. The production of the scenes is based on materials recovery (cloth, wood, cork, glass, etc). The characters, made with clay, evolve into a setting lighten by LEDs.

In 2013, after 25 years in Spain, she comes back to France to dedicate herself to her boxes.

She has exhibited in Los Angeles, Barcelone, Venise, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Arles.​


Exhibition on the 2nd floor