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From March 26 to June 12, 2022

Organized by the City of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue


The animal represented in my work is the friend, the strength, the alter ego, the brother, the sister, the spirit, the soul and above all purity. When I work in my studio, I am always accompanied by one of my three cats. Their silent presence comforts me, a presence which is certainly one of the reasons why animals are so present in my drawings. - Amélie Joos, 2022.


In her work, Amélie Joos questions the states of mind, the emotions of beings and their relationship with each other through different modes of expression. In her drawings and paintings that can be described as figuration of the unconscious, her sculptures and her videos, she describes a dreamlike universe, bringing to light images that are both deeply intimate while touching on archetypes belonging to the collective unconscious. .


Amélie Joos, visual artist.


Amélie Joos à CAMPREDON centre d'art, 20

After her art studies at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Stuttgart, (1990-1994), in Germany, Amélie Joos obtained a post-diploma from the Franco-German Youth Office to study at the École Supérieure d'Art of Avignon, (1994-1997). She obtained her DNSEP there in 1997.

From 1998 to 2003, the artist studied art history at the University of Aix-Marseille (master's degree in 2003).


For the year 2000, she represented the city of Avignon for the international art exhibition in Norway, bringing together artists from the nine European cultural capitals. She won several prizes in Germany (notably the “Sparkasse Neu-Ulm” prize on several occasions for her paintings and sculptures).


Amélie Joos lives and works in Avignon. She regularly exhibits her work in France, in Montpellier, (Espace Aldebaran, Agnès B, Multiple Gallery and the Number 5 Gallery), in Tokyo in 2019, (Bazar et Garde à manger gallery), at the Château du Beaucet, in Sète, ( Chapel of the upper district, the workshop of the spiral), in Paris, (Musée du Montparnasse, Galerie Simple), in Carpentras at the chapel of the College, in Avignon, (Galerie Ducastel, Parcours de l'Art, Artephile, Cloître Saint Louis, peacock feathers), at the Galerie Martagon in Malaucène, at L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, (FMR-Campredon, Galerie ART/ Chez OUNOU) and abroad, in Italy at Florence-Vinci, at Bergen in Norway and in particular in Germany in Berlin, (Gallery on the mountain, Pavlov's Gallery, Pussy Galore Gallery) and in Ulm, his city of birth (notably at the Künstlerhaus art center, the Griesbadgasse gallery and the Im Kornhauskeller gallery).



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Pedagogical file

Erick Plantevin

Visual Arts Departmental Pedagogical Advisor

Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education of Vaucluse



Amélie Joos, The day breaks

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