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The nights

From October 22, 2022 to January 15, 2023

Organized by the City of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue


Juliette Agnel was born in 1973, and this personal exhibition presents nearly twenty years of work. It goes without saying that we can speak of a retrospective, as the spectators can see the affirmation of a photographic gesture unfolding there, constantly rubbing shoulders with the installation, the film, the duration, and the movement of the image.


EntitledThe nights,the hanging invites an exploration of fabulous spaces open to the unknown. Because, beyond a chronological presentation, it is rather a sensitive plunge into darkness, and a journey towards the interiority of the visible. The stars, the Milky Way, the immense opening of the night sky welcome us to better penetrate the emotional depths of the landscape; before presences and silhouettes appear, giving the approach a strong human dimension. Here, the very categories of landscape and portrait—carrying with them the whole history of painting—are worked head-on: the landscape becomes limitless, the faces send back their aura to us, the roads beckon us in their furrow.


From Africa to Korea, from Iceland to Greenland and Norway, from Spain to Morocco,  and as far as French Brittany, it's still a whole geography , dense and full of telluric forces, which is traversed. This territorial openness allows the experimentation of multiple techniques, such ascamera obscurathat Juliette Agnel developed in 2010, but also Super 8 film, the view camera, the Polaroid, and contemporary digital technologies.


You have to let yourself be carried away, let the natural forces stir up the senses, to understand that what bases all the artist's work is indeed a desire to enter into the raw material of the image, from primordial chaos to the cosmos. infinite. It is in this way that we will therefore have to travel to the end with her, in order to take stones or millennial plants in our hands, and finally trace the thread of our origins.

Lea Bismuth


Juliette Agnel, artist photographer


Born in 1973, Juliette Agnel studied visual arts and ethno-aesthetics (Paris 1), and at the Beaux Arts de Paris (congratulated in 1999). A meeting with Jean Rouch took him on the roads of Africa for more than 10 years. In 2011, she designed and built a machine: thecamera obscuradigital with which she films and photographs.

Supported by Michel Poivert who invited her to the photographic seminar in 2012, her work was exhibited in South Korea, Norway and France, notably at the FIAC (Galerie Françoise Paviot – 2013), at the Nouvelles Vagues du Palais de Tokyo (2013 ), at the exhibition Close to me by Guillaume Lasserre (2015), at Mois de la Photo (2015), at Paris Photo (2016). She benefited from a personal exhibition at L'Espace Van Gogh in Arles in 2014 and was invited by Léa Bismuth, at the Tanneries d'Amilly in 2017. She participated in the Discovery Prize in Arles in 2017 with "Les Nocturnes" which will also be presented at the FIAC the same year.

She continues her research work towards extreme landscapes during an expedition to Greenland in 2018 and is invited to produce and show this work, "Les Portes de glace" at the Labanque art center (Béthune) during the year 2018- 2019 for the 3rd part of the trilogy on Georges Bataille (The Crossing of Concerns, curator Léa Bismuth) and at Chaumont-Photo-sur-Loire in parallel.





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