Jean-Marie Fage – Trace The Light




"Jean-Marie Fage is always inspired by what he sees,

and that for him,

painting consists of depositing a poetic moment on the flat surface. "

The Jean-Marie Fage exhibition. "Tracer la lumière" presents works from the 1940s

to the present day,united by affinities, without any real concern for chronology.

Jean-Marie Fage is 94 years old today.

He never stopped seeing the world as a poet and painting. Designer and colorist, he probes reality.

From his childhood on the banks of the Sorgue, at La Chapelle near Lacoste, where he has lived for over forty years, surrounded by his family and friends, he consistently builds a discreet work that invites silent contemplation.

 At the end of the 1940s, his meeting with René Char, the benevolent friendship of Auguste Chabaud and the art critic Fritz Vanderpyl, confirmed his vocation as a painter and widened his poetic and plastic universe.

​With the encouragement of Georges Braque, he moved to Paris in 1950 with the desire to become an artist. He assiduously frequented the Louvre, exhibitions of modern art, and at first, the studio of André Lhote.

He admires, studies and copies painters, from primitives to moderns, sensitive to the freshness of the colors of Fra Angelico, to the purity of the composition of the Pietà d'Enguerrand Quarton, to the "miraculous" simplicity of Corot, in Cézanne, Bonnard, Vuillard, Braque or Rouault. He paints, guided by passion, curiosity and instinct.

To survive, he became a designer and then an architect's collaborator.

In search of light and "patterns", he chooses to return to L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in 1963.

Rediscovering the familiar landscapes of Vaucluse triggers a series of paintings

which the blue color flows which simplifies and affirms the plans

and volumes emphasizing the lines of force of the compositions.

He still divides his time between architecture and painting until 1976.

Since then, he can devote himself fully to painting in his studio in the middle of nature.

Odile Guichard et Gilles Fage


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